Degree Works for Students

Degree Works is an academic planning and degree progress tool that reflects your academic progress towards the completion of your program of study at Western. Degree Works is designed to help you track degree progress and know which courses to take to plan your path to graduation.

Degree Works is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.

Access Degree Works

To access Degree Works in Web4U, navigate to your Students tab, select Student Records and select Degree Works. For more information on accessing Degree Works, please see the Accessing Degree Works information in the Step-by-Step Student Instructions.

Help with Degree Works


  • Uses checklists to help you easily monitor your progress online, anywhere you have internet access.
  • Provides a clear picture of WWU degree requirements to help you navigate the most effective path to graduation.
  • Helps you plan your class schedule by showing you what courses and requirements still need to be completed.


Course Information

Students are able click on a course still needed on their worksheet and a window will open listing the course description, prerequisites, and sections of that course that are being offered in an upcoming quarter. The student is able to see the CRN for each section, open seats in real-time, and the days and times the course is being offered.

What If

The What If feature allows students to see how changing their major or minor will impact their progress to degree completion.

Look Ahead

The Look Ahead feature allows students to enter a list of classes and see where they might apply on the degree audit. With Look Ahead, students can see how a course will fit into their program of study before they actually register for it. This feature is a great tool to use as part of the registration process.

GPA Calculators

Degree Works offers three different GPA calculators: graduation, term, and advice. The calculators will help students set realistic goals at the beginning of the quarter, or provide a path for achieving honors, avoiding probation or meeting personal academic goals.

Student Responsibility

As a degree seeking student at WWU, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are taking the courses your program requires for graduation. Beginning with your first quarter, you should familiarize yourself with the online Degree Works worksheet as your degree requirements are listed on it. Prior to registration, you should review your worksheet to review outstanding requirements and monitor academic progress.

Please note: Post-baccalaureate transfer students may use Degree Works to evaluate progress towards completing their major, minor, or certificate. Degree requirements including GUR, Writing Proficiency, and total credits required for your degree may not be accurately presented in Degree Works for post-baccalaureate transfer students. Please refer to the Post-Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for Transfer Students under WWU Catalog - Graduation Requirements for a comprehensive list of degree requirements. If you have questions regarding your degree requirements, including GUR, Writing Proficiency, and total credits, please contact the Academic Advising Center (

Who Should I Contact About Degree Works?

Speak with your academic advisor for more information on Degree Works.