Registrar's Office FAQs

To declare/change a major, you must fill out a Major Declaration and Change Web Form, indicating the change of major. Unless dropping a major, this must be filled out with an authorized signature from the department.

To declare/change a minor, you must fill out a Minor Declaration and Change Web Form, indicating the change of minor. Unless dropping a minor, this must be filled out with an authorized signature from the department.

Being aware of grade change deadlines, you may change to-or-from pass/no pass grading methods by filling out the Grading Mode Change e-sign form and submitting it to

Current students may obtain a copy of their enrollment verification online through their Web4U.

Please visit our Enrollment Verification page for more information.

Your enrollment status and number of credits at WWU determine registration for courses.

You can see your official time to register via your Web4U and double check with our quarterly registration schedule.

When trying to access Web4U, select the “Login for Alumni/Former Employees” tab on the right of the page.

This is also applicable for former students who have not received a degree from WWU.

If you experience difficulty with your login or need to reset your password, please contact ATUS at (360) 650-3333

Western has a three-step approach to graduation:

  1. Use the online Degree Evaluation Tool BEFORE registration to check that you are on track to graduate and to access which requirements you have left to finish.
  2. Meet with your Major and (if applicable) Minor Advisor to complete a Major and (if applicable) Minor Evaluation Form.
  3. Complete a Degree Application and attach your signed Major and (if applicable) Minor Evaluation.   

You may submit all necessary documents to the Registrar’s Office in person, or via email to Degree Evaluation.

Late withdrawal privileges (WPs) allow students to drop a course between the third and seventh week of fall, winter, and spring quarter (summer session withdrawal dates vary).

Students are permitted two late withdrawal privileges annually at the beginning of the fall quarter.

By using a WP to withdraw from a class, the student will receive a grade of W (Course Withdrawal), which does not affect GPA.

Note: We have suspended the requirement of withdrawal privileges for spring 2021 due to COVID-19. Please consult the important dates and deadlines.

Prospective employers and institutions will all view transcripts differently. For further questions on how they view late-withdrawals, you will want to contact the potential institution/employer.

There are a few different error messages students may receive when attempting to register for a class.

Major Restriction – Departments will often limit course enrollment to specified majors. If you have not declared that major, you will not be able to register for the course.

Closed - Registration for this course is closed.

Time conflict – The course you are attempting to register for conflicts with another class.

To view holds on your account, select the “View Holds” tab in your “Student Record”.

In order to understand how dropping a course could potentially affect your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (360) 650-3470.

For students enrolled in 6+ credits, both the Alternative Transportation Fee and the Student Recreation Fee are included in tuition.

For gym membership pricing, visit WWU’s Rec Center Website or call (360) 650-3766.

For student bus pass pricing, visit WWU’s Transportation Website or call (360) 650-7960 

Students are eligible to live in the residence halls if they are enrolled in 8 or more credits.

For more information regarding on-campus housing, visit WWU’s University Residences Website or call (360) 650-6565.

Tuition is due on the first day of each quarter.
In order to avoid incurring late fees, you must pay off any remaining balance by the 15th of each month.

For further questions, contact the Student Business Office at (360) 650-2865.

Students who wish to make changes to their spring registration schedule need to fill out the appropriate e-sign form and send it to the Registrar's Office. 

To add/drop individual courses, you can do so via Web4U through the Add/Drop page until May 16th.

Official School Withdrawal Esign - Use this form if you need to withdraw from all of your spring courses.   

If you have questions, please email us at or call during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, 360-650-3432.


Course Withdrawal

Course withdrawals that occur prior to the fifth day of the quarter are considered to be a change of initial registration, and result in no entry on the permanent record (transcript). To withdraw from a course during the first five days of the quarter a student must complete the transaction on Web4U.

Students who drop courses may be entitled to a credit for a portion of the tuition and fees for a given quarter depending on the time of the quarter the transaction is completed. Please note:

  • Courses dropped prior to the sixth day of the quarter may be entitled to a full tuition credit.
  • Courses dropped beginning on the sixth day of the quarter and within the first 30 calendar days may be entitled to one-half tuition credit.
  • Courses dropped after the 30th calendar day will not receive a tuition credit.

Refer to Tuition Fees and Rates table.

Course withdrawals that occur beginning the sixth day of the quarter to the end of the second week will result in no entry on the permanent record (official transcript), but a mark of XM will appear with the withdrawn course on the unofficial record (academic history). Withdrawals that occur beginning the sixth day of the quarter may affect a student’s tuition charges and may result only in a half-tuition refund. There also may be implications for financial aid recipients’ awards. To withdraw from a course after the first five days of a quarter, a student must complete the transaction on Web4U. Beginning the third week of the quarter, a mark of "W" is posted for each withdrawn course.

Course withdrawal beginning the third week to the end of the seventh week is permitted only if the student has a withdrawal privilege available. Each student is granted two annual withdrawal privileges at the beginning of the academic year in fall quarter. The annual withdrawal privileges can be used during fall, winter, spring or summer quarter. (See note on summer below.) Unused withdrawal privileges do not accrue. To use a withdrawal privilege, a student must login online to Web4U through the Add/Drop page.

After the seventh week of the quarter, course withdrawal is not permitted. Discontinued attendance without official withdrawal results in a failing grade (Z or F). Course withdrawal deadlines are published in the dates and deadlines section of the Registrar’s Office website and the Summer Session Bulletin on the Web.

To withdraw from an extension course, a student must file the appropriate form through the extension office. For specific site information, see the Extended Education section in the University Catalog.

Students may drop an Independent Learning course at any time by contacting the Independent Learning Office in writing. There is no refund 30 days after registration.

Yes. With input from the Faculty Senate and the Associated Students, and with the approval of the Provost, the University will – with the modifications described in the link below – starting in Fall 2020 and continuing in Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 to the standard and published grading policy. This temporary policy has no bearing on courses graded S/U or on grading in the Fairhaven College, which has its own grading policy. 

Find out more here:

No, the policy regarding withdrawal privileges has been further suspended because of COVID-19.  For Spring 2021, you will not need to use withdrawal privileges when withdrawing from a course.

University Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the University (Official School Withdrawal) Formal withdrawal from the University, including a self-supporting program, may be made at any time before the final two weeks of a quarter. Students must initiate the withdrawal process in the Registrar’s Office or at their extension site. A student must contact the appropriate extension office for formal withdrawal from a self-supporting course. Beginning the first day of classes, a grade of SW (school withdrawal) is posted for each course for which the student was registered.

Students who leave the University during a quarter without formal withdrawal receive failing grades. A student who is unable to complete the quarter due to hardship may petition to withdraw from the University after the stated deadline. Hardship is considered to be an incapacitating illness or injury requiring extensive recuperation or a significant personal emergency such as a death in the immediate family.

Students who officially withdraw from Western before the sixth day of the quarter will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. See the sections under University Academic Policies for information on withdrawing from the University. The $250 enrollment fee is nonrefundable.

Students who officially withdraw on or after the sixth day of the quarter and within the first 30 calendar days will receive a credit of one-half of their tuition. After the fifth day of instruction, the health services, building, technology, recreation, transportation and renewable energy and course and audit fees are nonrefundable. A statutory pro rata return of financial aid is required for students who received Title IV federal financial aid. The refund policy is available in the Financial Aid Department.

Students who withdraw after the 30th day will not receive a refund. The refund deadlines for each quarter are listed on the Registrar’s website.

Students who received federal or state financial aid or other support may be required to return part or all of the aid. Refer to the FAQs located on Student Accounts website.

Dean's Withdrawal

The purpose of the Dean’s Withdrawal is to assist a student who is unable to complete the quarter or a class due to compelling circumstances beyond their control or due to a significant hardship (such as incapacitating illness or injury). 

Students may be eligible for a Dean’s Withdrawal when they: 

  • are unable to complete the quarter or a class due to compelling circumstances beyond their control; or experience a significant hardship (such as incapacitating illness or injury); AND 
  • have not been completed and/or the final exam has not been administered/taken; AND 
  • they have not taken a previous Dean’s Withdrawal (or Hardship Withdrawal) – students who have received a previous hardship withdrawal should contact the Office of Student Life.

For more detailed information, visit

Students are responsible for keeping their address(es) current. Address changes may be made via the Web4U Address Change Form. Address changes cannot be made over the telephone.

Course attendance normally is required by the instructor. Any student who fails to attend the first meeting of a course may be required to drop it if another student, previously unable to register for the course due to enrollment limitations, seeks admission.

A student absent from any exam or class activity through sickness or other cause judged by the instructor to be unavoidable shall be given an opportunity to take a rescheduled exam or make up the class assignment in a timely manner agreed upon by the instructor (see Leaves of Absence). Examples of unavoidable cause may include participation in University-sponsored activities such as debating contests, musical or theatrical performances, or intercollegiate athletic competition.

University policy does not allow a student to attend a class without formally being registered for it. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is properly registered for each course.

Western requires all students born after January 1, 1957 to provide medical documentation of immunity to rubeola measles to the Student Health Center before they will be allowed to register for classes or live in on-campus housing. See the Student Health Center website for complete details.

By registering, a student incurs a legal debt to the University and can be released from that obligation only by formally withdrawing within the full-refund period. The $300 enrollment fee is never refundable. Tuition and fees and housing payments are due the first day of the quarter. Charges incurred on or after the statement date are due immediately. After the third Friday of each quarter a fee of $40 will be assessed each month there is a balance on the student’s account. Tuition due dates are posted on the Registrar’s Office and Student Account's websites. A one percent interest charge will be assessed monthly on all past due accounts.

The University publishes an annual student directory, showing your name and local phone number. You may elect to have this information omitted by emailing a Request for Confidential Status of Directory Information form to the Registrar’s Office, If this option is chosen, NO information will be released about you, including degrees and awards earned.