Web Registration

Registration Phases

Registration for each quarter is conducted in three phases using Web4U.

Phase I

A period reserved for continuing and returning students. Check your Registration Status on Web4U for your specific registration day/time. A maximum of 18 credits is allowed during Phase I.

Phase II

A period before the start of classes when students can revise their schedules. If additional credits are needed, students may increase up to 20 credits during Phase II. However, exceeding 18 credits will result in additional tuition charges.

Phase III

First five days of the quarter during which students can register or revise their schedule without penalty (see Important Dates and Deadlines). Online registration ends at midnight at the end of Phase III.

Registering Online

It is necessary that you log in to myWestern using your Universal login for registration. Please follow the instructions below based on your student status.

  • Go to WWU’s homepage at https://www.wwu.edu
  • Log on to myWestern using your Universal login and password
  • Click on Web4U icon on the top of the page to register
  • Go to WWU’s homepage at https://www.wwu.edu
  • Click on the “myWestern” Login button on the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Click on the link Activate My New Universal Account (the first time only to create your account)
  • Enter your W# and PIN
  • Create your security questions and answers – each question must be more than 10 characters long
  • Create password – minimum 8 characters containing alpha and numeric plus one approved symbol
  • You should receive a message indicating that you have been successful
  • Click on the Web4U icon on the top of myWestern’s home page to register

Set your initial password if you have not already done so:

Set Your New Universal Account Password or use this page: https://atus.wwu.edu/new-wwu

  • Click on the Web4U icon on the top of myWestern’s home page to register
  • To register, click on Student at the first menu, then Registration
  • Choose either Add/Drop Classes or Look Up Classes to Add

Under the "Registration" option you may:

  • Check Your Registration Status
  • Add or Drop Classes
  • Look-up Classes to Add
  • Change Variable Credit Hours
  • View Your Week at a Glance
  • View Your Student Detail Schedule
  • Check Your Registration Day/Time (Registration Schedule)
  • View Voter Registration Information
  • View Your Advising Sheet (Freshmen only)

Under the "Student Records" option you may view:

  • View Holds
  • Final Grades
  • Academic History (condensed version of unofficial transcript)
  • Transfer Equivalency Report
  • View Student Information
  • WWU Student Account Online
  • Account Summary by Term
  • Account Summary
  • Tax Notification
  • Select Tax Year
  • Tax Detail (for years prior to 2003)
  • Degree Evaluation
  • Advising Sheet (1st quarter Freshmen only)
  • Order Official Transcript
  • National Student Clearinghouse (Enrollment Verification)

Under the "Financial Aid" you may review your loans and financial aid status.