Spring 2021 Registration


Spring 2021 Phase I registration for continuing students begins on Tuesday, February 23rd. 

Yes. With input from the Faculty Senate and the Associated Students, and with the approval of the Provost, the University will – with the modifications described in the link below – starting in Fall 2020 and continuing in Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 to the standard and published grading policy. This temporary policy has no bearing on courses graded S/U or on grading in the Fairhaven College, which has its own grading policy. 

Find out more here: https://westerntoday.wwu.edu/news/campus-returning-to-standard-grading-policy-in-fall.

It is always a good idea to look at the notes/text in Classfinder that better describes the details of each class.  Those descriptions come directly from the academic departments and contain important information that can help you organize your schedule.

It is a good idea to review the text descriptions for each class in Classfinder to ensure that your instructor is not planning any in-person components.  If they are not, then no you would not need to be in Bellingham in the spring.


To declare in a major, minor, or certificate, please submit the appropriate form from the list below to the department, following the routing instructions on the form:

Declare a Major: Major Declaration and Change Web Form

Declare a Minor: Minor Declaration and Change Web Form

Declare a Certificate: Certificate Declaration and Change Web Form

If you are approved into the program of your choice, the Registrar's Office will declare you into the program once the form is approved to our office. Once the major/minor/certificate is declared, you will receive an automated email to your WWU email account. 

All questions – including if you are denied acceptance into a program – should be directed to the academic department. 

To register in an Independent Study (ISP) Course, please complete and submit the Directed Independent Study and Registration Authorization Form to the instructor of the course. The instructor will then approve or deny the form and send to the Registrar's Office. Once the ISP course is created, you will registered in the course and you will receive an automated email to your WWU email account.

Students are encouraged to review the delivery methods of each course prior to registration in Classfinder.  If there is no remote alternative, please proceed with registration and email the instructor and copy the department chair, letting them know of your need to participate remotely.  Faculty will be working with the Disability Access Center and the Office of Student Life to assist. If needed, contact your academic department advisor or the Academic Advising Center or for assistance with course planning.


Spring 2021 courses are offered in a variety of delivery methods due to COVID-19. Refer to the course delivery method, time, and location in ClassFinder for more information.

Face-to-Face: Courses taught in-person. Refer to the Time and Location for meeting times and room information.

Remote - Synchronous: Courses originally approved to be offered face-to-face, which will be offered remotely during the pandemic, with designated meeting dates and times. Refer to the course Time information for arranged meeting times.

Remote - Asynchronous: Courses originally approved to be offered face-to-face, which will be offered remotely during the pandemic, which do not have a specific meeting day/time.

Hybrid: Courses taught with a hybrid of Face-to-Face and either Remote - Synchronous or Remote - Asynchronous delivery methods. Refer to the Time and Location for meeting times and room information.

Remote-BlendedCourses originally approved to be offered face-to-face, which will be offered remotely during the pandemic in a blend of Remote - Synchronous and Remote - Asynchronous delivery methods. Refer to the course Time information for arranged meeting days/times.

WWU Online: Courses which have been approved and designed to be taught online.


For more information on using ClassFinder and the new course delivery methods, see the ClassFinder Delivery Methods YouTube video.

ClassFinder. The most commonly used tool on campus for student to search for courses. Students can use the Scratch Sheet tool to plan their schedule, and search by course attributes such as GUR attributes and delivery method.


TimeTable of Classes. This tools provides students detailed course pre-requisites, as well as shows how many students are on the waitlist for a specific course section.


Look-up Classes to Add. Available in Web4U, students can plan their schedule and register for courses using this tool.

No, the policy regarding withdrawal privileges has been further suspended because of COVID-19.  For Spring 2021, you will not need to use withdrawal privileges when withdrawing from a course.