Spring FAQs

FAQs for Spring Commencement 2020 

About the Virtual Ceremony

Saturday, June 13

Winter ceremony for March graduates – 10:00 am

Spring ceremony for June graduates – Noon

Before June 8, students with a reservation will be sent the viewing link.

We will also post the link on this website and all students and guests can watch this event.

Before June 8, we will post the streaming website for commencement. We will have a countdown posted until 11:30 on Saturday, June 13 when we start our “pre-show”.  

The ceremony will be 45 minutes long and have brief speeches, faculty, staff, and family montages, and it will also include celebration moments sent in by some graduates. 

Below the streaming of the ceremony, you can view any live social media pieces that is pulled into the website to see how others are celebrating at home in real-time.  

You can also view student slides on the streaming website. After typing a student’s name, you can view their slide. The slide will announce the student’s name and show a student’s photo (if provided), degree, major(s), and any honors. 

A virtual ceremony for spring quarter graduates will be held on June 13, 2020 – all students, families, and friends can watch and interact with the event via the internet with specific information to come. We plan to provide students with interactive opportunities during the ceremony and we are working to create something unique, significant, and personal that we will start rolling out in the coming weeks.

Yes, reservations were completed on Wednesday, May 20. We are unable to take anymore reservations at this time. 

The virtual ceremony is not mandatory. If you are able, we hope that you will join. However, your degree completion is not pending on commencement, if you complete your degree requirements, your degree will still be conferred and you will receive your diploma by mail per normal procedures.

Participation in the virtual ceremony does not exclude you from the opportunity to attend an in-person ceremony next academic year.

More FAQs

A 9.25” square. We will promote cap decorations so get those creative juices flowing.

Diplomas are not distributed at commencement, due to the fact that final grades are not submitted at that time. As per usual practice, spring diplomas will be mailed out approximately 6 to 8 weeks following the end of the quarter.

Yes. An opportunity will be available when we know we are safe to hold large events. When we can offer this to students, we will send emails to student emails as well as external emails in hopes of informing all graduates of their options. At this time we are unable to predict when we can offer in-person ceremonies again.