Curriculog Quick Start Guide

Starting and Launching proposals


  1. Go to and log in (top right). You may be asked to log into myWestern first. Do not revise imported fields until after launching proposal.
  2.  Click New Proposal (top left under My Tasks tab). Detailed directions
  3. and video tutorials are included in each proposal.
  4.  Hover over the Approval Process and click ~ Start Proposal.
  5.  Click Show Help Text (top right of proposal).
  6.  Carefully review **Read Before You Begin** instructions.
  7.  To import data (course and program revisions) click on "). Import and select "2018-2019 Working Catalog."

*Best practice for course import: Filter by "Prefix" (e.g. MATH)
and/or by "Code" (e.g. 101).
*Best practice for program import: Filter by "Name" (e.g. Mathematics)
*Click on Search Available Curriculum. View results and click on desired
course or program of study. Click on Import This Item
Review data and fill in required fields (e.g. fields with a * before
launching proposal . Do not revise imported data.)

  1. Carefully review Collegial Communication instructions before Launch.
  2. Click a Files (top of Proposal Toolbox) to attach a syllabus.
  3. Click ► Launch Proposal (top left of proposal).
  4. If Launch Proposal fails, click "Show Me" to review missing required
  5. fields. To move the proposal to next level of review, you need to approve
  6. after Launch. The proposal can't be shared until after Launch.

Editing and Approving proposals

  •  After Launch, Originator can edit and approve proposals.
  •  Click on ~ Decision (top of Proposal Toolbox) to approve proposal to next step. Originator can't make more revisions unless proposal is rejected.
  •  To edit a proposal you are a participant in, go to My Tasks, hover over proposal and click on t, Edit Proposal. To send a proposal back to the previous step for editing select ~ Decision and hit reject.

Department and Committee review

  •  Proposals for review will appear under My Tasks, and be provided through dashboard notification and Outlook email.
  •  You may use the Agenda function to share proposals with reviewers.
  •  Go to Discussion/ User Tracking and Show Current with Markeup. Revisions will appear in a color assigned to each participant. Comments can be made under the Discussion tab.
  •  You may run an ii Impact Report for course revisions. An impact report can be run by an Originator or Department / Committee Reviewer at any time. Click on link in Collegia l Communication or on icon at top left of proposal. A report will be sent to your Outlook emai l. Share emai l with others who may be impacted and paste in comments field.
  • Click 5 Status tab in Proposal Toolbox to view proposal history and see participants and where it is going.

Custom Routes aren 't typically recommended and should only be
requested under unusual circumstances.

Questions? Click on Contact System Administrator at bottom of Curr iculog website to submit support request. Last updated 9.22.17 I Registrar 's Off ice