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Curriculog is a web-based curriculum management software Western implemented in 2017. Fall 2023 will start the seventh academic year Western has used this software for course, program and other curriculum-related changes to the University Catalog. Only Western faculty and staff have access to our Curriculog site. 

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Resources for the 2023-24 academic year

Curriculum Timeline

2023-24 Curriculum Timeline - Includes ACC meeting dates, curriculum deadlines, approval dates and other deadlines for the 2024-25 University Catalog.

Policies and Guidance

All relevant policies and guidance can be found on the ACC Policies and Guidance webpage on the new Faculty Senate website. Policies and guidance include:

  • Policy on Credit Hours
  • Recommended Review of All Permanently Approved Online/Hybrid Courses for Compliance
  • Course Modality Timeline and Contingency Planning
  • Course Modality Definitions
  • Syllabus Requirements and Guidance
  • Course Repeatability
  • Religious Accommodation
  • Large Scale Curriculum Changes Criteria
  • Timeline and Plan for Writing Proficiency Points
  • Requesting Degree Program Moratorium

New Banner course modality report

A new course catalog Banner report called SWRCMOD is available. The new report will allow academic units to look up the modality approval status for all courses. Communication on how to use the report was sent to curriculum contacts on Sept. 29.



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Winter 2024 Trainings

Weekly scheduled Curriculog trainings have been completed for winter quarter 2024 as February is when most curriculum deadlines occur. Contact Jamie Lawson of the Registrar's Office for any questions. Curriculog trainings will be available by request late spring quarter, and weekly trainings will resume fall quarter 2024.


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Online (via Teams)


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Curriculum Updates

March 2024

2024-25 curriculum deadlines have passed: The curriculum deadlines for the 2024-25 University Catalog have passed (ACC deadline meeting was March 5). All 2024-25 approval processes in Curriculog have been deactivated. The temporary course approval process and the temporary/permanent modality approval process remain active for use.

December 2023

Winter drop-in sessions added: Curriculog drop-in sessions are added for winter quarter. Sessions will be online/Teams through the month of January. Sessions may be added in early February prior to curriculum deadlines. Dates are available on the training sign-up form.

Approval process active for new certificates: New certificates have their own approval process in Curriculog titled "2024-2025 11. Request for New Certificate." Academic units that want to propose a new certificate for the 2024-25 should use this new approval process which includes more specific questions and additional approvals in the workflow.

September 2023

2023-24 Curriculum Timeline: Approval dates, meeting dates and deadlines for the 2023-24 academic year are now available on the Curriculum Timeline web page.

Fall training dates added: Curriculog training dates are added for fall quarter 2023. Trainings will be available online via a Teams meeting link. Dates are available on the training sign-up form.

Summer 2023

A number of updates to our approval processes will occur. Details will be announced during the summer.

May 2023

The 2024-25 approval processes have been activated and are available to use. These processes will be used for approvals to the 2024-25 University Catalog.

Training Materials

An updated Canvas course is in process and training materials will move from Curriculog. Select Enroll to self enroll and access training materials.


Already enrolled? Select one of the training material links below for direct access into the Curriculog Canvas course. (Link setup is in progress)

Large-Scale Curriculum Changes

Use the following streamlined approach for large-scale curriculum changes:

1. Review ACC's large-scale curriculum changes criteria

2. Generate an impact report in Curriculog (must be signed into Curriculog to access link).

  • Log into Curriculog and select Reports in the top menu; select Impact Report and follow the instructions in the right panel; select 2023-2024 Working Catalog as the external system. A report will be sent in Outlook.

The following example may be used as a reference:

Primary course proposal, approved by ACC Feb. 16, 2021 (must be signed into Curriculog to access link).

Who Should I Contact About the Catalog and Curriculum?

Jamie Lawson | he/him/his
Management Analyst / Catalog & Curriculum 360-650-6238 Message me on Teams
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