Faculty Override Instructions

Override Information

Students may encounter any number of issues when attempting to register for a class. For pedagogical reasons, some courses are restricted to certain levels of students, to students who are declared majors, or to those who have received special permission from the instructor. 

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have satisfied all prerequisites before registering for a course. A student who has registered for a course without satisfying prerequisites may be required to withdraw from the course by the instructor.

Because of high demand for many courses, departments often must give enrollment priority to students for whom specific courses are requirements. If a department restricts a course to its declared majors the department must also allow in the course other declared majors for whom the course is listed as a requirement.

It's also important to note that once an override has been issued by the instructor or department, it is still necessary for the student to register for the class in their Web4U registration.

If a course is restricted and requires permission, students may request an override clearance from the instructor or department office. Overrides requirements can vary depending on the situation and are issued at the department level:

  • Instructor Approval - use when a course is restricted by prerequisite or course restrictions. Also necessary for all registration after the fifth day of the term.
  • Repeat - only used when a student repeats a course that they are currently enrolled in that they are unlikely to pass. Otherwise students should wait to register. (see more information below about this policy)
  • Capacity - use when a student is approved to attend a course that is already at capacity.
    • (Capacity overrides may cause issues when Waitlisting is active. For enrollment management guidance, contact the Registrar's Office.)
  • Time Conflict - use when a student is approved to take two courses that overlap. Issued by the instructor who is allowing the student to be absent for a portion of their class.
  • Grad School (issued by Grad School) - use when a student is an undergraduate and is approved to take a graduate level course. May also need an Instructor Approval override. Consult with the Grad School.

Overrides are not always the correct option when assisting with a student's registration. If there are any questions about how to proceed, contact our office for guidance.

Web4U Access

Navigate to Web4U here and follow the instructions below to add an override to a student account.

Override Instructions

Step by step guide to adding an override into Banner system

Repeat Override Policy

Some courses are approved to be repeated for credit. Such approval is included with the course description in the Repeating a Course in the University Catalog. If a course not designated as repeatable for credit is re-taken, the following will apply:

  • Students may not repeat any previously passed course more than once.
  • Credit will be awarded only once for a repeated course.
  • The last grade earned will be used in the computation of the cumulative and major grade point averages.
  • All grades will remain on the student’s official record.
  • A course cannot be repeated to change the student’s grade point average after a baccalaureate degree has been awarded.
  • Students wishing to repeat a class in which they already received a P, S, or C- or better grade may not register for the class until Phase III of registration. Students, in this circumstance, who register for a repeated course prior to Phase III may be required to drop the course by the academic department or Registrar’s Office. The repeat registration for English composition prior to Phase III requires the written permission of the chair of the department.

This policy applies to undergraduate students. Please note that departments may require Graduate students to repeat a course in order to attain an acceptable level of competence. Graduate students should review the Scholarship Standards under the Graduate School section of the catalog.

For more information, please take a look at our Course Repeat Frequently Asked Questions.