Summer Session Registration

Summer Registration Information

Enrolled WWU students continuing from spring: Use Web4U to confirm your registration status by navigating to Prepare for Registration. The Registration Schedule is also available below. Continuing, enrolled students registered spring quarter, DO NOT submit the Summer Registration Application. 

To assist with the summer registration process, review the Registration Checklist that corresponds to your student status. You can also visit our Registration Guide for assistance with Web4U, registration policies, and responsibilities. 

Important Dates & Deadlines

Visit the Summer Session Important Dates & Deadlines Calendar (select Summer quarter) to review dates that correspond to your schedule.

Summer Registration Schedule

  Tue, May 7 Wed, May 8 Thu, May 9 Fri, May 10
8:30   160-169 100-109 40-49
9:30 Grad/P Bacs/210+ 150-159 90-99 30-39
10:30 200-209 140-149 80-89 20-29
1:30 190-199 130-139 70-79 10-19
2:30 180-189 120-129 60-69 0-9
3:30 170-179 110-119 50-59  

Registration is Conducted in Three Phases (Dates for Summer 2024)

Phase I (May 7-12) – Initial Registration Schedule based on graded credits earned.

Phase II (May 13-June 24) – a period before the start of the quarter when continuing students can change their schedules and when visiting students register.

Phase III (June 25-July 1) – beginning the first day of the quarter and ending at midnight on the fifth day.

Students may register through the fifth day of the quarter or prior to the second class meeting for most late-start courses 3-5 weeks in length. Students are advised to register early to ensure seat availability, as some courses have enrollment limits. If the course has already started, then the student first needs to obtain a department override before registering.

Register during Phase I if you are/were enrolled spring quarter and are a degree-seeking, continuing student at Western. The Phase I schedule lists the date/time you can register based on the total number of earned credits. This is your first opportunity to register for summer quarter; however, you can register by using Web4U until midnight on the fifth day of the quarter (or prior to the second class meeting for most late-start courses).

Community/Visiting Students

Summer Session is an open quarter; formal admission to Western is not required. This is the perfect opportunity to explore some of the great programs that Western has to offer.