Visiting Students

What is a Visiting (Non-Matriculated) Student?

Students not formally admitted to Western Washington University through the Admissions' Application are considered non-matriculated students.

Individuals wanting to take courses at WWU without pursuing a degree or certification may enroll during the fall, winter, and spring quarters by filling out the Visiting (Non-Matriculated) Student Form. Credits earned as a non-matriculated student may later be applied toward a future degree.

Important Notice

Completed forms must be returned to the Registrar's Office in person or via email. A copy of valid ID is also required. Forms and tuition waivers are due prior to the start of the term to allow creation of student ID and registration access.

Who Can Use This Form?

  • Visiting students wishing to take courses for credit or audit.
  • Visiting students 60+ years of age and eligible for tuition waiver.
  • WWU employees eligible for tuition reduction.
  • Washington State employees.
  • Members of the Washington National Guard.


Students must submit a completed form to the Registrar's Office (Old Main 230) two to four weeks prior to the start of the term. Students are required to submit the form each term.

The Registrar’s Office will process all non-matriculated students and provide instructions on how to register for courses in a confirmation email, prior to the start of the quarter.

Note: Visiting students cannot register until the first day of classes.

Useful Links

Summer Session

Visiting Student Detailed Information

Visiting (Non-Matriculated) Students:
A student who has not been matriculated into a degree or certificate program may enroll fall, winter, or spring term through the Visiting Student Registration Program. The student is allowed to register through Web4U beginning the first day of the quarter as long as their registration access has been granted. Visiting students are required to satisfy all prerequisites and course restrictions that may apply - this is approved by the course instructor as we do not accept incoming transcripts. Instructors can apply an override to a student's record once registration access is completed. Tuition is based on residency, and all applicable tuition and fees are due and payable according to the Important Dates & Deadlines Calendar on the Registrar’s Office web page at Location program registration requires program approval. Contact for information.

WA Residents 60 Years and Older:
State law allows permanent residents of the state of Washington who are 60 years of age or older to register at no cost for a maximum of two courses per quarter during the academic year for the fall, winter, and spring terms (summer excluded). You must also submit the tuition waiver form to the Registrar’s Office. Other restrictions may apply.

WWU Employees, WA State Employees, WA National Guard Members:
Chapter 28B 15 RCW permits tuition-free enrollment for purposes of career enhancement. Enrollment requires the payment of a $30 fee. WWU staff and state employees must submit the tuition waiver form to the Registrar’s Office prior to the start of the term.

Auditors do not earn credits and, according to University policy, may not register for courses that are participatory in nature, such as physical education activities, laboratory courses, studio courses or similar courses in which the content requires active participation on the part of the student. Auditors do not participate in class discussions, write papers, take tests or complete class projects. No grades are assigned, but an official WWU transcript is created. Self-supporting courses must pay full fees and other auditors pay $10 per credit.