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About Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based academic planning and degree evaluation tool designed to help students and advisors track students’ academic progress toward the completion of their degree or certificate.

Degree Works is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.

Access Degree Works

Degree Works is available in Web4U in the Advisor Menu under the Faculty Services tab.

Only Western faculty, staff, and advisors may request advisor access to Degree Works. If you do not have access to the ‘Advisors Menu’ within Web4U, submit a Banner Student Security Access web form following the approval routing instructions on the form. Be sure to indicate on the form that you are requesting access to the ‘Advisors Menu’ in Web4U including Degree Works, and include why you need the access.

Notes in Degree Works

Notes provide authorized academic department users with a   method to request exceptions for a student’s program of study. Requesting an exception with Notes is simple for advisors, and ensures that all users viewing the student’s Degree Works worksheet – including the student – are able to see who requested the exception, the content of the exception, and when the exception was requested.

See the Notes in Degree Works webpage for Note guidelines and a walkthrough for how to enter Notes on a student's worksheet.

Major, Minor, and Certificate Evaluation

Degree Works can be used by approved department faculty and staff for student Major, Minor, and Certificate requirement completion.

Degree Works Note as Major, Minor, or Certificate Evaluation (Guide)

Degree Works as a Major, Minor, or Certificate Evaluation (Guide)


  • Provides a clear picture of program requirements to help students navigate the most effective path to graduation.
  • Uses checklists to easily monitor students' academic progress.
  • Helps students plan their class schedules by showing what courses and requirements are still needed.


Course Information

Students and advisors are able click on a course still needed on the worksheet and a window will open listing the course description, prerequisites, and sections of that course that are being offered in an upcoming quarter. The student is able to see the CRN for each section, open seats in real-time, and the days and times the course is being offered.

What If

The What If feature allows students to see how changing their major or minor will impact their progress to degree completion.

Look Ahead

The Look Ahead feature allows students to enter a list of classes and see where they might apply on their worksheet. With Look Ahead, students can see how a course will fit into their program of study before they actually register. This feature is a great tool to use as part of the registration process.

GPA Calculators

Degree Works offers three different GPA calculators: Graduation, Term, and Advice. The calculators help students set realistic goals at the beginning of the quarter, or provide a path for achieving honors, avoiding probation, or meeting personal academic goals.


Notes provide advisors a tool to help track conversations with students and document any action that has been agreed upon. Notes in Degree Works may be viewed by all advisors, which will be helpful should the student decide to switch their program of study or speak with other advisors.

PDF Quick Start Guides

Accessing Degree Works Quick Start Guide

Finding Students in Degree Works Quick Start Guide

Understanding the Worksheet Quick Start Guide

Look Ahead Quick Start Guide

What If Quick Start Guide

GPA Calculators Quick Start Guide

Video Tutorials

Getting Started With Degree Works for Faculty and Advisors

Look Ahead and What If Tools

GPA Calculators


Who Should I Contact About Degree Works?

Degree Works Support | Registrar's Office
Email: | Phone: (360) 650-2984