Plans in Degree Works are used to help advisors and students work together to set a course of action for future terms to ensure the student’s academic success. 

More training information on Plans will be published in the future as the feature is rolled-out more broadly at Western. 

Limitations to Plans

  • Does not perform checks for prerequisite completion
  • Does not recognize section-specific information such as WP
  • Does not recognize temporary course numbers (Examples: SUBJ 497x, SUBJ 397)
  • Inputs the max credits for variable credit courses
  • Does not perform repeat checks for non-repeatable courses
  • Does not know which term the course will be completed. If course credits are changing for a future term, Degree Works defaults the course credits from the future term. (e.g. A course is 3 credits spring quarter, but will be 2 credits beginning the next fall quarter; 2 credits will display in Degree Works.)