Final Grade Instructions

Entering Grades in Web4U

  1. Log into Web4U.
    Note: You may only input grades if you are the primary instructor assigned to the course.
  2. Select Faculty & Advisors. Select Final Grade Entry.
  3. Select the course you wish to grade.
  4. Select grade by clicking on the pull-down menu in the grade field and selecting the appropriate grade or simply place the cursor in the grade field and type in the grade. 
    Please note: A system feature will list only the appropriate grades in the pull-down menu, as determined by the grade mode the student has registered for.
    Example: Only grades of P, NP, or K may be entered if a student has chosen a Pass/No Pass grade mode. 
  5. If a student receives a grade of F, NP, U, or YN, you will also need to enter Last Date of Participation information (see instructions below).
  6. Click on or Tab to the next student grade field and continue typing in grades. Verify a grade has been entered for each student.
  7. Large courses are broken down into groups of 25 students by default (you may change this, it you wish). After submitting the first group of grades, you must click on the link for the next group, and so on.

Inactivity on Web4U will result in your session being terminated. If you have not submitted grades by saving prior to this point, all un-saved grades keyed will be lost. We strongly suggest submitting grades often (at least every 5 minutes) while inputting grades for large courses.

When all grades are entered for the CRN click Save. It is not necessary to turn in a printed grade roster if grades were entered via Web4U.

Deadline for inputting grades is noon, Tuesday of grade week (the week after the end of the quarter). Access to input final grades will be removed from Web4U at this time.

Determining Last Date of Participation

Academic participation can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Attending a synchronous class, lecture, field activity or laboratory activity, either physically or online, where there is an opportunity for direct interactions between the instructor and student;
  • Submitting an academic assignment;
  • Taking an assessment or exam;
  • Completing an interactive tutorial, webinar, or other interactive computer-assisted instruction;
  • Participating in a study group, group project or online discussion that is assigned by the school;
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course. 

Academic participation does not include participation in academic counseling, advising, or logging into an online class without active participation.

  • If a student is enrolled, but never attended: List the first day of the quarter as the Last Date of Participation and enter a zero (0) in the Percent Completed column.
  • If a student enrolls and ceases participation during the quarter: Enter the Last Date of Participation with no entry in the Percent Completed column.
  • For a student who enrolled and continued some form of academic participation through the final exam/last day of class but simply did not achieve a passing grade: Enter the final day of the quarter and 100 in Percent Completed to indicate attendance through the full term end date (even if the student did not attend for/participate in every single activity).

Financial Aid is required to adjust some student awards when a course is not successfully completed, and the last date of participation is required for them to make those determinations. Collecting this information at the time of grade submission will keep faculty from needing to go back into their grade books to provide information to Financial Aid in the weeks and months after the quarter has ended and when they may or may not be on contract. 

The Last Date of Participation column is available for all students, but you only need to make entries for students with failing/not passing grades. 
Please do not enter anything in the Last Date of Participation field or the Percent Completed field for any grades other than those listed above

Who Should I Contact About Final Grades?

Laura Jensen | Forms and Records Analyst 3
Email: | Phone: (360) 650-3431