Student Forms

Form Name and Link

General Information

Address/Cell Phone Change Form Update your permanent, mailing, or diploma address, and/or cell phone number.
Alternative Writing Proficiency (WP) Course Agreement Arrange an alternative WP requirement if unable to satisfy a regularly scheduled one.
Application for Additional Major/Minor Apply for an additional major or minor after a WWU degree has been awarded.
Certificate Completion Application Not for Teaching Certificates.
Certificate Replacement Form Not for Teaching Certificates.
Degree Application Review your Degree Works and confirm your major/minor declarations are accurate. Contact your department(s) for evaluation a month prior to the deadline(s).
Degree Evaluation Update Request Complete this if there is additional coursework that needs to be added to your degree evaluation.
Degree Requirements Review Former WWU students - records will be reviewed by a Degree Evaluator and by the major/minor department to assess remaining requirements.
Diploma Replacement Form Replacement diplomas are $45. Use this form for mail-in orders only. See our Diploma page for online ordering.
Directed Independent Study Form Gain approval for 300- and 400-level Directed Independent Study (ISP) courses. Visit here for Graduate School ISPs.
Gender Marker Change Request Change the gender marker on an academic record.
General Petition Request an exception to University policies, procedures, and deadlines. Must have documented evidence of University error or misinformation. 
Grading Mode Change Request Form Review the Pass/No Pass Grading Policies. Refer to the Important Dates & Deadlines Calendar for current term deadline.
Incomplete (K) Grade Contract Work with a course instructor to determine the terms of this contract.
Name Change Request Form Request to have student record reflect a legal name change.
Official School Withdrawal Form Use this form to withdraw from the current term. Refer to the Important Dates & Deadlines Calendar for current term deadline.
Preferred/Lived First Name Form Add or update your lived first name.
Registration Course Change Request Form Add or drop courses if unable to access Web4U registration portal. Refer to the Important Dates & Deadlines Calendar for current term deadline.
Student Academic Declaration & Change Form Use this form for Majors, Minors, and Certificates. Students must meet declaration requirements prior to completing form. Submit to department for review.
Transcript Request For hard-copy requests only. Official transcripts can be ordered online via Parchment and cost $15.
Tuition Waiver - Age 60 and Older Form includes general regulations, registration steps, as well as information about auditing courses.
Tuition Waiver - State Employee For non-WWU employees.
Visiting (Non-Matriculated) Student Form Visiting (non-matriculated) student application for enrollment into future term courses.