Pass/No Pass Grading Policy

Grading policies have returned to normal for the 2021-22 academic year, effective Fall 2021.

Pass/No Pass Grading

Students may choose the Pass/No Pass grading option in certain elective courses. The minimum level of performance required to receive a grade of P varies from course to course and is determined by each instructor or department. Students should not assume that performance equal to a grade of D or higher will result in a passing mark. Often performance at the level of C or higher is required. Regulations pertaining to Pass/No Pass grading are as follows:

  • Courses graded Pass/No Pass may not be applied to the major and minor, supporting courses, professional education requirements, upper-division writing proficiency requirement and General University Requirements
  • Graduate courses taken for the graduate degree cannot be taken Pass/No Pass
  • Courses graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory cannot be taken Pass/No Pass
  • To designate a course as Pass/No Pass students must submit a request to the Registrar’s Office after registering for the course; they may change this designation by submitting the Grading Mode Change Request form to the Registrar’s Office at any time through the fourth week of a quarter. For extension program courses, Pass/No Pass grading designation may be elected up to the end of the fourth week for regular quarter-long courses, or prior to the second class meeting for shorter courses
  • Prerequisites, work required and credit allowed may be affected by election of the Pass/No Pass option
  • In computing grade averages, neither the P nor NP grade in Pass/No Pass courses is counted
  • Should a student change their major or minor, the academic departments involved are the sole judges of the acceptability of any Pass/No Pass courses already completed in the newly chosen major or minor
  • Once a student has earned NP grades in courses totaling 10 credits, they may no longer register for courses under the Pass/No Pass option

NOTE: Excessive use of the Pass/No Pass grading system may negatively influence admission to some graduate or professional schools.

General Grading Polices

For general grading policy and records information, see the Records and Grading page.

Audit Grading Policy

For information on auditing a course, see the Course Information page.