GPA Calculators

Disclaimer: GPA Calculators in Degree Works provide GPA estimations and should be viewed only as such. The transcript is the official record of grades and GPA for Western students. Grades of EP, K, NP, NX, P, S, SW, U, X, XM and W are not included in GPA calculations. 

Degree Works offers three different GPA Calculators: Graduation, Term, and Advice. To access the GPA Calculators, click on the GPA Calculator from the “more”  dropdown in the top right of the worksheet. Once on the GPA Calculator tab, you will see the three options across the top.

Find GPA calculators in "more".

Graduation Calculator

The Graduation Calculator is designed to help students plan ahead to achieve their desired GPA upon graduation. The Graduation Calculator requires the user to enter three numbers: Credits RemainingCredits Required, and Desired GPA.

Graduation calculator.

Credits Remaining are the number of outstanding credits required for the student to complete to attain their degree or certificate. Uncheck boxes to exclude in-progress and preregistered classes from the student’s worksheet to see the minimum additional credits remaining on the Degree Block. These remaining credits must be both completed at Western and graded on the A-F scale. If a student plans to take classes in the future that are not letter graded, or plans to transfer classes from other institutions to Western to complete remaining requirements for their degree or certificate, these credits should be subtracted from the number of remaining additional credits to get the Credits Remaining total.

Find remaining credits.

Credits Required are the total amount of WWU letter graded credits required for the degree or certificate. Students must subtract the total number of transfer credits and all credits already completed not graded on the A-F scale from their total credits required for their degree.  This information can be found in the Class History link in Degree Works or on the student’s Academic History (unofficial transcript) in Web4U. Additionally, if a student plans to take classes in the future that are not letter graded or plans to transfer classes from other institutions to Western to complete remaining requirements for their degree, these credits should be subtracted from Credits Required total as well. Please note that while all bachelors degrees from Western require a minimum of 180 credits for completion, the total number of credits required for the student’s particular program of student may be greater than 180.

Example:  180 total credits for the Bachelors degree minus 90 transfer credits minus 20 with S/EP/P grades (180 – 90 – 20 = 70 Credits Required)

Desired GPA is the cumulative GPA that is sought by the student at the completion of their degree or certificate.

Term Calculator

The term calculator allows students to see how predicted grades for currently enrolled courses will affect their cumulative GPA at the end of the term. Only graded courses taken at Western are factored into the student’s cumulative GPA.

Term calculator.
  1. Students select the grade they believe they will receive in the course. Remove any courses that will not receive letter grades (S/U or P/NP grade mode).
  2. Click Calculate to view the estimated cumulative GPA at the end of the term.

Advice Calculator

The advice calculator provides students with possible paths to obtain their desired GPA. This calculator is particularly useful for students to view pathways towards attaining specific academic goals such as academic standing, or GPAs associated with scholarships or admission requirements. The only input required for this calculator is the student’s desired GPA.

Advice calculator.
  1. The student will enter their desired cumulative GPA.
  2. Click Calculate.
  3. Degree Works will provide paths for the student to achieve their desired GPA.